It’s Still People Dependent

03 September 2015
Most Influential B2B Marketing Activities

A fresh perspective about B2B sales was recently published in the “Harvard Business Review.” The article,  What Salespeople Need to Know About the New B2B Landscape, provides some great insights. Here are some highlights: “The sales force is more important than ever. Regardless of which path customers take, or in which order they take them, […]

Rexter360 Launches Today! Watch the Demo Live!

10 July 2015

The last four months of work are finally coming together.  Andy will be demonstrating our newest product, Rexter360, at the Microsoft Ventures headquarters in Seattle today at 4:00 PM.  You can watch it streamed live on Techcrunch.  You can also read the press release below.  

We’re Getting Better All The Time…

06 May 2015

… better, better, better!* Over the past few months, the Rexter dev team has been working hard to bring you a more refined, more intuitive, and generally better looking product. We’re pleased to announce the launch of two gorgeous new pages: Contacts and Interactions. Shoot, even the callsheet has been scrubbed and polished for the […]